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Artisan Rabbit Trap

This fascinating trap is one of only three like it known to exist- and each of those is slightly different.

We know very little about their provenance. They are most likely ‘bench made’ prototypes which never made it to a production item, but whether they were truly made by a freelance amateur or the R&D work of a trap manufacturer we will never know.

The jaws are reminiscent of the FENN Rabbit Trap, but they are not exactly the same, so they have been made as copies and not repurposed.

The wide jaws and rear facing spring also remind me a little bit of the Carnes Hare Trap.

Despite it’s fairly crude build the traps are a clever design, which can be set and do fire. The trigger is held very delicately by a small ‘notch’ on the trigger plate and I am note sure how practical that would have been in the field.

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