Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship traps outside the UK ?  As far as the USA or Australia ?
A: Yes we do.  We can ship anywhere in the world but because the shipping rates vary so much for different weights, sizes and countries we only publish UK delivery as standard.  If there’s a particular trap or traps that you’re interested in then get in touch and we’ll sort out a quote for you.

Q: Do you buy traps ?
A: Yes we do, but we don’t promise to buy every trap that we’re offered.  A lot depends on what they are and the condition that they’re in.  If you have traps that you’re interested in selling get in touch and have some photos prepared if possible.
We also offer a service to sell your traps for you on a commission basis.

Q: Can you sell my traps for me ?
A: Yes, our most popular service is our ‘Shop Window’ where we display your items for sale on our website.  For a small commission we manage the whole sale process, including taking the payment on your behalf from the buyer.  You would retain the traps locally and be responsible for sending them out to the buyer.

Q: I sent a message via the contact page but have had no reply.  Why not ?
A: We usually reply within a day to any messages we receive, but quite often the email addresses provided contain errors and don’t work.  If you’re waiting on a reply please get in touch again and double check your email address.

Q: I was wondering if you could tell me what the law is regarding the ownership (not use) of gin traps and other American traps such as coil springs. I would like to start a collection. However I was wondering:
1) Can anyone start collecting or do you need a permit.
2) Will they need to be deactivated.

A: There is currently no requirement under UK law for any permit to possess traps for collection purpose, or for those traps to be inoperative.
However anyone using a traditional gin trap would be breaking the law but that is covered by the day to day legislation of the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Spring Traps Approval Order.   Anyone using any spring trap other than those listed, or using an ‘Approved’ trap in an unapproved way would be committing an offence.



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