How to Use This Site

All the Traps, Books and other Collectables have been grouped into categories listed down the left hand side of the website.  Clicking on any of those will take you to a display of all the objects that we have of that type.  The categories are hierarchical – which just means that there are several levels.  For instance if you select ‘Books’ you see all our books of all the different types, but if you select ‘Trap Collecting’ you’ll only see those books and not the rest.

Sometimes there are things that items have in common that cross the categories – such as target species, county of origin or the material that they’re made from.  In the top right hand corner of the site you’ll see something called a ‘tag cloud’.  By clicking on a tag which you’re interested in, say rabbit for example, you’ll be taken to a collection showing any item on the site that relates to that tag.

Museum exhibits are denoted by a † symbol at the end of their title.  This is to avoid any confusion with products for sale as both will show up in Related Products and be returned by searches.

Individual Entries
All of the images are high definition and will expand if you ‘click’ them. We do make every effort to correctly identify and date all the items, but we cannot guarantee that we’ve always got it right.  If you know more then please use the comments and tell us !

Traps For Sale
All the traps listed in the catalogue as For Sale are individual items, priced to include postage.  We quite happy to be flexible with the postage method and combine items for better value.  Any trap can be purchased either through the website, by phone or by post.  If you’re planning to use the postal method we recommend that you get in touch first to reserve the item.

We do make every effort to correctly identify and date all the items for sale on this site, but we cannot guarantee that we’ve always got it right. We’re happy to provide extra details or photographs on request so that you can be happy you know what it is that you’re buying.

Setting the right price for the traps we have on sale is not easy and is affected by a range of factors.  We are also always willing to consider offers on all our traps for sale – whether for an individual trap or for a group of them.  You can read more about our approach to pricing here.

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