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The Kingfisher Trap  is a powerful reminder of the days when fish were an important source of food and the ‘property’ of the local Lord.  His Gamekeepers and River Bailiffs had a duty to protect the young fish, or ‘fry’, after the eggs hatched.

Kingfishers and other fish eating birds were seen as predators – to be controlled in order to protect the fish.  As with other predatory birds, the Kingfisher’s habit of perching on a favourite spot to watch the river made it relatively easy to trap.

Very small versions of the Pole Trap were manufactured and supplied specially to suit such a small bird.  These traps were commonly referred to as a ‘kingfisher traps’ and good specimens are now very rare – many being lost to the rivers they were set to protect.

This fine example of a dwarf bird trap has 2” semicircular toothed jaws.  The treadle, catch and tongue are all iron.

There are no identifying marks but it is thought to be British made, probably by Samuel Lewis & Co. Ltd.  c.1900.

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