SOLD – ‘Lucifer’ Souriciere (Choker Mouse Trap) with 3 holes (ref 6148)

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‘Lucifer’ Souriciere (choker mouse trap) with 3 holes. The beechwood block measures 11.8 x 5.7 x 2.8cm.

The trap is a classic choker trap which consists of a series of deep holes forming tunnels which are baited at the far end, in this case 3 of them.  Across the front of each tunnel there is a slot, just inside the mouth of the hole,  which takes a noose ring inserted from above.  This noose is attached to a spring which will jerk the noose upwards when triggered, capturing and killing the mouse.

The trigger mechanism is a simple one.  A piece of string is inserted through two pairs of corresponding holes, one pair at the top and the other in the base.  The string is passed over the spring and tied tight – holding the spring down and the noose in place.  The twin strands of the string pass through the tunnel top to bottom, effectively blocking  it but allowing sight and smell of the bait.  To reach the bait a mouse must chew through the string – which releases the spring and so lifts the noose.

Each single coil spring, loop and hook assembly is individually thread-set.  Made in France circa 1985

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