Imperial Box Trap†

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This Imperial Trap / Imperial Box Trap with 4” stamped out square serrated jaws, iron treadle, catch and tongue. The treadle is contained within a pressed steel housing. For rabbits and other vermin. Treadle stamped OX and PATENT 5355 but some markings are indistinct and some are missing due to corrosion. On a clear example the markings would read IMPERIAL BOX TRAP PAT NO 25355/35. This patent was applied for in 1935 in Australia by W A Coombs but apparently a complete specification was never provided so the patent was deemed to be abandoned. The trap is referred to as an Australian Sand Trap and is designed so that sand cannot get under the treadle. It was intended to trap rabbits. These traps were almost certainly made in Australia and may have been made by W A Coombs himself. Length 12”. Date: c.1940.