SOLD – Under-spring Pole Trap (8007)


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Underspring Pole Trap

This rare trap is in excellent condition, and was made for catching birds of prey and owls and was banned in England in 1904. It has an unusual V-shaped spring which passes under the wooden trigger. The original trigger plate block is all original and carries treated wormholes and age related cracks, but it is uncommon to find one with original wood present.

It is not named, but it was likely to have been made by Aurouze around 1900, and has the number 16 stamped into the base ring. It has been fitted to a hardwood block for display which can easily be removed if you wish.

It has got 5 3/4 inch smooth jaws which engage directly with the plate, and a safety hook feature. The trap measures approximately 6 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches high.

Price is £185 plus postage

(Being sold on behalf of the owner).