Homemade Rat Trap – Chicago 1944†

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Another self built trap from 1940s America.  Frustratingly there are no details on how it works, other than that it is a drowning trap.  I’d love to have seen a photo of the insides.

The caption on the reverse reads:

“John Gawron (2014 w. 19th St) points to where the rat enters the trap while Joyce Maravec (aged 6) points to the container of water into which the rat falls into and is drowned, container is built so that rat cannot escape — trap is home built and considered to be a good repeater due to the fact no blood is spilled ..”

Also interesting to note that there is more than a passing resemblance to several well documented commercial traps, such as the German ‘Bender Automatic mouse trap’ of 1902.


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