Glenmoor Rabbit Trap (3130)


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Glenmoor Rabbit Trap – Attached to the mild steel frame is a strong spring arm to act as a striker. A stake for pushing into the ground is riveted to the frame. In the set position the arm is held upright by a catch attached to a trigger mechanism and trip wire. When an animal disturbs the wire the spring arm snaps down to kill the victim. The frame is stamped PAT.NO 596735 and 663186. The above numbers refer to years 1945 and 1949 respectively. This trap dates from about 1950.

A full British patent No.715264 was granted to Margaret Alice Glen in 1954. The trap, painted in olive green, was marketed by Chalwyn (Sales) Ltd, 15 Hanover Square, London. It was advertised as being approved in principle by the RSPCA.

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