Everitt’s Patent Vermin Trap†

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Everitt’s Patent Vermin Trap

The Everitt Patent Vermin Trap was designed as a kill trap for rats and other small vermin. Originally patented by EVERITT’S of LOWESTOFT, Henry Lane took over the manufacture of the Everitt traps in about 1909 and many are stamped  stamped H. LANE on the brass tongue.

The traps are 13 inches long overall, with a 4” wide galvanised steel tunnel, a steel treadle with brass catch and tongue. When triggered the forked end of the bow spring would rise to trap the victim against the tunnel inside of the tunnel.

An entry in the Lanes Catalogue gives the following description:

Superior to all others for humanity and safety, as they can be set amongst Ground or Winged Game, Poultry, Dogs, Cats, etc., etc., without fear of their being caught or maimed.

They can be used with or without Bait, do not require fastening down, the victim being instantly killed, and for cheapness, simplicity and efficiency, are incomparable.
For Rats, set the Traps where their runs enter buildings or enclosures. Securely block all superfluous holes, setting only against those most frequented. Cover the table with such material as sawdust or chaff, freely scattering it round, and when desirable, the entire Trap may be concealed, without fear of blocking; another method is to make tunnels of brick, tile, or tin, feeding inside with bruised Oats, Meal, &c., until freely used by the Vermin, when traps should be set to intercept.

For Stoats and Weasels, fix a bait a few inches from the ground, in the centre of an enclosure formed of a palisade or brushwood, leaving apertures for the Traps; thus one lure answers for three or more Traps, which can be left unattended for a considerable period with impunity, as the victim being killed outright, other Vermin are not suspicious of danger.
28/- per dozen, subject.