Duncan Rabbit Trap†

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The Duncan Rabbit Trap was patented (403,767) in 1934 by  James DUNCAN, of Easter Wairds, By Denny, Stirlingshire.  Described as ‘a trap for rabbits and other vermin’ this trap is unusual in that the mechanism is almost completely enclosed in a metal box.  In this original design the jaws run diagonally from corner to corner.

Link to 1934 Patent

Duncan later filed a second patent (440,166) in 1935 which has the mechanism running end to end, down the center line of the trap.  It is this version that we’ve been able to find physical examples of.

Link to 1935 Patent

Known Examples

Walsall Museum in the West Midlands has a small collection of traps donated by W.H Tildesley Ltd in the late 70s, which includes this Duncan Rabbit Trap.


BASC Scotland also have a version of the Duncan Rabbit Trap, photographs used here with their kind permission.