Choker mouse traps†

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Choker Mouse traps are a very common style of mouse trap, used particularly in Europe and the USA and although many different types exist, the principle of the trap remains the same.    The body of the trap includes a number of holes, which act as tunnels and are baited at the far end.  A spring powered noose is able to move up and down  just inside the mouth of the hole, usually fed through a slot cut through the top of the trap.   When the spring is at rest this noose is held high so that any mouse caught in it is jerked up against the top of the tunnel and killed. mouse.

In order to hold the sprung loop in place and release it when a mouse enters two types of trigger mechanism have developed.  The traditional approach is a simple one.  A piece of string is inserted through two pairs of corresponding holes, one pair at the top and the other in the base.  The string is passed over the spring and tied tight – holding the spring down and the noose in place.  The twin strands of the string pass through the tunnel top to bottom, effectively blocking  it but allowing sight and smell of the bait.  To reach the bait a mouse must chew through the string – which releases the spring and so lifts the noose.

More recent examples such at the Hotchkiss and the Victor have a more sophisticated and reusable trigger.  The noose is held in place by a small pivoted lever which extends down into the tunnel.  The action of the mouse pushing against this slips the hold and releases the noose.


The following galleries give some examples and there are several Choker traps for sale in our Vintage trap shop.

Commercial Examples

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