Not For Use – Really!

I know that most people who visit this site do so because of their interest in the design of traps, the elegance of their manufacture or an interest in the industrial and agricultural history which they represent.

Unfortunately there are still far too many cases coming to light of people using illegal traps in the field, or using approved traps in an illegal way.   I am sure that most traps used this way are barn finds, or get picked up for next to nothing at car boot sales, but if you are intending to make a purchase to use illegally, please don’t.

We recently received an email from a lady who’s cat had lost a leg to an illegally set gin trap and was clearly and understandably very upset by it.  Although there was no connection with us, it’s the kind of event that generates ill feeling and anger towards anyone involved in trapping.

I’d encourage everyone to help educate anyone with an interest in trapping, so that they avoid making the sort of mistakes which might tighten restrictions on those that already abide by the law.


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