Ended Auction: Mole Gun – ISABEY F. BREVETE


4004cThis stunning ISABEY F. named antique French brass mole gun is a real beauty of an item, a striking and delicate piece not quite 20cm long. It was purchased in  France about 10 years ago and is from a well known French maker – clearly marked with the makers name – ISABEY F.  BREVETE.  (Brevete we have been told is the French for Patented).

The condition is superb, all the parts move freely and the trap will set and fire as intended. This example has a fold down mounting spike and a small safety catch to prevent the gun firing while being set in place.

These guns were common in France at one time as a means of killing moles, originally used with ‘black powder’.  The hammer of the gun is held back against a spring by a pivoted bar, which itself is held in place by the arm at the end of the trigger wire.  A mole approaching along the tunnel has only to nudge the wire look forwards a little, to release the hammer and fire the gun.

Located in Solihull and can be posted for a UK delivery fee of £12. Delivery outside the UK available by prearrangement.

Recommended opening bid is £100.

Reserve met.  Target end time EXTENDED BY BIDS to of 10pm Tuesday October 28th 2014. If a bid is received within 24 hours of the target end date, the end date will be extended to give a clear 24 hours between the last bid update on the listing and the end of the auction.

On completion the winning bidder will be contacted to complete the sale.  Where the item is to be collected the buyer may be required to pay Vintage Traps a non-refundable 10% deposit, after which the details of collection and final payment will be released.

Items are sold ‘as seen’ – no refunds given or returns accepted

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