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Vintage Trap - Double Seesaw Mouse Trap

Fourteenacre grew from our own fascination with traditional traps and trap making, and we’ve created a business helping other people who have  a similar interest in making their own traps.  In recent years we have often been contacted by people who are also interested in vintage traps – usually just looking for information, sometimes wanting to buy a particular trap and occasionally with collections to sell.

Vintagetraps.co.uk is our Virtual Museum and Shop, specially created to properly showcase and sell vintage traps.  The whole website is full of pictures and information on every different type of trap that we come across and we’re adding to it all the time.

Sometimes we may only have a picture and only the very basic details, but more often we’ll have a good set of images and be able to say quite a lot about it.  There are even a good few listed for sale and all traps sold on this site are for display and not for use.

We’d like to encourage our visitors to use the comments facility to add information or to ask questions about any trap that listed.  If you own a trap that you’d like us to include then please get in touch.  Our aim is to make this as an exciting and useful source of reference as we can.

To get the best out of the website take a quick look at our ‘how to use this website’ page – it’s not too complicated but it well help you to find your way about.

I hope you enjoy the site and the traps.

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