How Our Vintage Trap Auctions Work

Why auctions ?

Sometimes we can’t agree with a seller what represents a fair market price.  Other times an item is so unusual or unique that it’s just too difficult to price at all.  For these few items we’ve introduced an auction format.

How our auctions work

  • Items for auction will be listed with pictures, a description and any specific details such as size, markings etc.
    If there is a reserve on the item that will also be stated, but not the reserve value.
    If an item cannot be posted  the pickup location will be given.  Each auction will have a target end date.
  • Anyone wanting to bid simply adds a comment stating the value of their bid.
  • Comments can also be used to ask public questions.
  •  In order to leave a comment you must be registered with the site.  Registered users are able to specify a username which is how you will known when posting a comment.
  • Comments will visible on the listing so that everyone can see the value of the current highest bid and the username of the bidder.
  • If a bid is received within 24 hours of the target end date, the end date will be extended to give a clear 24 hours between the last bid update on the listing and the end of the auction.
  • On completion the winning bidder will be contacted to complete the sale.  Where the item is to be collected the buyer may be required to pay Vintage Traps a non-refundable 10% deposit, after which the details of collection and final payment will be released.

Terms of bidding

  • Items are sold ‘as seen’ – no refunds given or returns accepted

Auction closed.